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Make your own car spa with a self service hand car wash on your driveway.

Microfiber Towel

The Premium Microfiber Towel from GLIS-10 has become a real success! This luxury car towel has a perfect balance between size and weight, and is designed for auto cleaning with your vehicle in mind. The soft and thick microfiber waffle weave makes the drying work both faster and much easier. It will absorb water quickly and up to 4x its own weight! This towel gets your car clean without leaving any lint, scratches or streaks!

Hose Nozzle

Are you tired of low quality hose heads that leak, have poor water pressure and break after a few months? Well look no further. Our premium water nozzle is the last you will ever need. Engineered with rust proof durable steel and hardened plastic polymers, our hose heads are built to stand the tests of time.

Expandable Hose

We have created an expandable hose that is made of heavy duty, high quality material that will never let you down. This top notch hose is very lightweight so you can carry it around effortlessly. It expands 3 times its original length and it shrinks back immediately when the water is shut off. Its full 50ft length allows you to water your garden, clean your car, boat and anything you may think of with great ease.

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About Us

We realise that you love your car and want to keep it looking amazing!! That’s why we created Glis-10 Car Care, to serve you with the best accessories for your car care. We specialize in high quality products for car wash, to help you give your car the luxury it deserves.

Glis-10 Car Care also stands for lifetime warranty. Keeping you satisfied is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a 100% Lifetime Warranty for all manufacturing defects.

What our customers say about us

I’ve used this after coming out of car wash because they NEVER get your car dry, right?! So I wanted something like this that absorbed well and was easy to just wipe it off fast. It’s fast drying to and I just wash it every now and then. It’s held up really well and I keep it in the back of my BMW X5. If anyone ever gets the car wash down, they will make a ton of $$! It can’t be that hard to get the dryers right or put someone at the end to wipe your car down as you come out.

Anyways, regardless of what you are doing, this is really perfect. It’s a lot larger than I expected but it’s perfect for me.

Jason Stuff

These are the best cleaning cloths I have ever used. I clean everything in my house with them. They don’t scratch, they don’t leave lint, and they clean like a dream. You don’t even need chemicals – a little bit of water and these clean windows better than anything I’ve ever used. Just pop them in the wash and you’re not using up paper towels. I’ve washed mine dozens of times and they are still going strong. Great product.


This works great. We live in a condo and only have a hose. We are in one of the middle units and the only hose access is on the side of the building. We had been kink in our house to get it to either the front of our condo for washing our car or the back to fill up my kids pool.
This is much more convenient and handy. It doesn’t leak at all. The sprayer comes out quite stong, especially in the middle flow mode. This is much more efficient at cleaning our car off than just using the hose without a nozzle. The mist mode is nice on hot days to use to cool the kids off. I have been misting it over them when they are in their pool. This is a good quality hose nozzle and I am very happy with it so far.

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